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A Brief History of the Wheelchair

  We are unable, with any degree of certainty, to ascertain any firm evidence as to when wheelchairs were first used. However, what can be in no doubt is that because...

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Magnificent Ramps

It’s impossible not to be impressed in some way by the following ramps, whether it be due to their size, purpose, or location. They range from being incredibly dangerous to...

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Wheelchairs of the Future

While some scientists are focusing on creating ‘bionic body parts’ to negate the need for wheelchairs, others are reworking the old formula in weird and wonderful...

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Save Money Improving Access In Your Community

We’re offering you the chance to make a difference in your community with our new offer. When you spot an access problem, simply recommend us to the person or business...

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More Than A Few Reasons To Lop Off A Limb

There’s nothing like making the best of a bad situation. So when that in-growing nail turns gangrenous or a tank just happens to get familiar with the contours of your leg,...

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DIY Wheelchairs

Life can be tough if your preferred mode of transport is a wheelchair. Not only do you need the upper body strength of a gymnast, what do you do if you get your wheel wedged...

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People who became famous due to their disability

  Source Everyone’s gawking at Hawking We may accuse him of treachery for speaking in an American accent, but the world famous British physicist Stephen...

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