Industrial Ramps

Roll-a-Ramp is an ideal option for industrial ramp access. Unlike other ramps, Roll-a-Ramp can be built to any size you require. It can also be, quickly and easily, lengthened (or shortened) so if you require ramp access in multiple locations, then Roll-a-Ramp is the perfect industrial ramp to buy. Roll-a-Ramp also comes with an unrivalled 10-year warranty so it’s a product that you can always rely on.
 Roll-a-Ramp can support a weight of up to 1000lbs which is very height when compared to other industrial ramps on the market. Another huge advantage of Roll-a-Ramp is its ability to go over thresholds and can also be used to bridge gaps. When you are not using Roll-a-Ramp it simply rolls up for easy storage and, even a very long Roll-a-Ramp, easily fits in most vehicles. Many of our customers keep it in the back of their van so it’s always on-hand.



Uses for Roll-a-Ramp

  • Wheelchair ramps for disabled users
  • Industrial ramps for moving heavy objects
  • Ramps to move motorbikes and scooters
  • Move large objects by using as a van ramp
  • Help your pets by using a dogs ramp
  • Excellent for use in catering operations
  • When moving furniture in home removals
  • Can help when moving large gardening equipment
  • Roll-a-Ramp is versatile and simple!

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