Hire Wheelchair Ramps

If you require a temporary access ramp, then hiring a wheelchair ramp is the perfect solution. Roll-a-Ramp is the ultimate hire ramp on the market, it can be built to any size that you require, and it comes in three different widths to cater to your needs. With enough notice, we can usually deliver our Roll-a-Ramp for the next working day.
Roll-a-Ramp is ideal for wheelchairs, scooters and even walking. It has special non-slip ridges, meaning that you can use it outdoors as well as indoors. You can also hire handrails, which is especially useful for longer ramps. To find out the length of ramp you need for wheelchair access, use our calculator (below) or call our expert team for more advice.

Need a ramp for your wedding or party? Did you know that the venue is required by law to provide disabled access. You shouldn't have to fund it yourself.

Uses for Roll-a-Ramp

  • Wheelchair ramps for disabled users
  • Industrial ramps for moving heavy objects
  • Ramps to move motorbikes and scooters
  • Move large objects by using as a van ramp
  • Help your pets by using a dogs ramp
  • Excellent for use in catering operations
  • When moving furniture in home removals
  • Can help when moving large gardening equipment
  • Roll-a-Ramp is versatile and simple!

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