Infuriating Wheelchair Ramps

disability ramp fail

Technically the following wheelchair ramps are a success, in that they bridge the gap between two levels by way of an inclined surface. The problem though, lies in the fact they’re incredibly difficult and/or somehow infuriating to use for the average wheelchair user – if not impossible – and could actually even cause more problems than they solve. It’s good to see ramps appearing around the world in an effort to make certain areas accessible to wheelchair users, but a little common sense and an ounce of forward-thinking would help to make their experience a lot more agreeable.



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Above: Most wheelchair users would be unable to ascend the ramp in Mexico, and for someone with assistance the three steps would be a much easier route to take.



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Above: A nasty surprise is in store for any wheelchair-bound person attempting to use this ridiculous, incredibly dangerous ramp in Auckland.



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Above: Infuriating rather than dangerous, this ramp in Vancouver manages to stretch a very modest ascent over a relatively mammoth, twist-laden journey.



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Above: To ascend such a ramp must be nigh on impossible for those of average strength. To descend would be amazingly risky.



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Above: Surely another impossible ramp to navigate for any normal person.



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Above: Quite possibly the longest, steepest wheelchair ramp on earth.



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Above: Hideously selfish parking aside, the inclusion of steps at the foot of this wheelchair ramp is baffling to say the least.



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Above: Sure, some ramp is better than no ramp, but to leave three steps uncovered really does reek of laziness.



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Above: Another incredibly steep ramp that would surely be impossible to scale without assistance from a person of considerable strength.