Hiring a Roll-a-Ramp

Hiring a ramp for wheelchair or industrial use couldn’t be easier. Simply use our ramp length calculator (below) to find out exactly what you need. Roll-a-Ramp is the only access ramp that you can rent for short/long periods of time at excellent prices. It can be built to any length you require without the ramp losing its strength. When you hire a ramp you also get the option of having a handrail on one (or both) sides. For more complicated access situations we have a specially made platform that allows you to turn 90-degrees. If you require any help choosing the ramp you wish to hire then please call our expert team who will always be delighted to help you.

Uses for Roll-a-Ramp

  • Wheelchair ramps for disabled users
  • Industrial ramps for moving heavy objects
  • Ramps to move motorbikes and scooters
  • The ideal heavy duty portable ramp for vans with no need for fixings
  • Easing access to elderly dogs
  • Excellent for use in catering operations
  • When moving furniture in home removals
  • Ideal for moving large constructions or gardening equipment
  • Roll-a-Ramp is versatile and simple!

Contact Us

For more information about Roll-a-Ramp or our Folding Ramps, please don’t hesitate to speak to our friendly sales department.

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