Roll-a-Ramp is a unique portable ramp system that can be built to any length and rolled up for easy storage. While other ramps on the market are of a fixed length, Roll-a-Ramp can be shortened or lengthened to fit any situation for both wheelchair access and semi-industrial usage.

Roll-a-Ramp are specially designed to curve over thresholds. Roll-a-Ramp is modular and can be built to any length you require, so it is perfect for even the highest of rises. The ramp simply rolls up for easy storage and most sizes can fit in a car boot.

For very long ramps, Roll-a-Ramp can easily be split into manageable sections which can be simply reattached. All our ramps are ideal for wheelchairs, scooters and even walking.

Roll-a-Ramp is the ultimate portable ramp system which has totally revolutionised the disability access and the wheelchair ramp market. Its unique simplicity and load-bearing strength of (1000lbs) allow it to adapt to countless ramp access applications.

Use our length calculator below to find out the length you need.

  • Built For Easy Transport

  • Rolls For Easy Storage

  • Free Next Day Delivery

  • Build To Any Length

Uses for Roll-a-Ramp

  • Wheelchair ramps for disabled users
  • Industrial ramps for moving heavy objects
  • Ramps to move motorbikes and scooters
  • The ideal heavy duty portable ramp for vans with no need for fixings
  • Easing access to elderly dogs
  • Excellent for use in catering operations
  • When moving furniture in home removals
  • Ideal for moving large constructions or gardening equipment
  • Roll-a-Ramp is versatile and simple!

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