So What Size do I Need?

Calculating the length of wheelchair ramp required is very easy. Simply measure the total rise required i.e. if each step is 4 inches high and you have 2 steps then the total rise is 8 inches. Select what the ramp is going to be used for, and the width of ramp required, our 30 inch wide ramp is suitable for 90% of applications.
If you are still unsure then please call our team who will be happy to assist you.

So What Size do I Need?
1. What is the total rise you need to climb?
2. What will the Ramp be used for?
Manual Wheelchair / General Access
Electric Wheelchair / Mobility Scooter
3. Choose the Width of your Ramp
26 inches / 66cm
30 inches / 76cm
36 inches / 91cm
4. Are you Buying or Hiring?
Ramp Width

Unassisted Wheelchair Access


Ideal Length
ft (m) Ramp
Restricted Space
ft (m) Ramp
Severely Restricted
ft (m) Ramp
Add or Remove Accessories


Support Stands


Positive Lock Pins

per week (Price Excluding VAT)