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Scroll down the page to compare specs between the Folding Ramp and the Roll-a-Ramp.

Roll-a-Ramp Folding Ramp
Prices to Buy Prices to Hire Folding Ramp Prices
Roll-a-Ramp vs Folding Ramp

Can be built to any length

Ramps from 2-6ft

Rolls up for easy storage

Folds up for easy storage

Roll-a-Ramp comes with
a carrying strap

Carrying handle on all
folding ramps

Comes in three different
widths - 26'' 30'' 36'' inches

Folding ramp has one
width of 27¾ inches

Roll-a-Ramp naturally curves
over thresholds

Folding Ramp cannot
go over thresholds

Roll-a-Ramps can come with
hand rails attached

Folding Ramps do not come
with hand rails but contain
safety rails on the sides

So What Size do I Need?

So What Size do I Need?
1. What is the total rise you need to climb?
2. What will the Ramp be used for?
Manual Wheelchair / General Access
Electric Wheelchair / Mobility Scooter
3. Choose the Width of your Ramp
26 inches / 66cm
30 inches / 76cm
36 inches / 91cm
4. Are you Buying or Hiring?
Ramp Width

Unassisted Wheelchair Access


Ideal Length
ft (m) Ramp
Restricted Space
ft (m) Ramp
Severely Restricted
ft (m) Ramp
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Support Stands


Positive Lock Pins

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