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Ramp Length

Wheelchair Ramps

How do I find out what length I need?

Roll-a-Ramp is the ultimate portable ramp system which has totally revolutionised the disability access and the wheelchair ramp market. Its unique simplicity and load-bearing strength allows it to adapt to countless ramp access applications.

Roll-a-Ramp is also the perfect choice for industrial ramps and scooter ramps. There are many different wheelchair ramps on the market but the Disability Access Industry is agreed that there is no other system of wheelchair ramps as flexible and adaptable for wheelchair access and scooter access as Roll a Ramp. Whilst all other wheelchair ramps are of a static size, only Roll a Ramps can be shortened or lengthened to fit different disability applications.

When you buy a fixed length ramp, the usability of that ramp is totally governed by the size and height, of the steps. For example, if you buy a 6ft disabled ramp, it can only be used for that one application. However, if you take your ramp to friends or on holiday and you find you actually need an 8ft long ramp, Roll a Ramps can be lengthened by simply purchasing a spare few treads that can be left in the car. Sue Carnell wrote to us to say "...we always take the ramp with us in the car so that it's there for any eventuality. It has made life so much easier for us. You don't realise how great it is until you've tried Roll-a-Ramp".

So What Size do I Need?
1. What is the total rise you need to climb?
2. What will the Ramp be used for?
Manual Wheelchair / General Access
Electric Wheelchair / Mobility Scooter
3. Choose the Width of your Ramp
26 inches / 66cm
30 inches / 76cm
36 inches / 91cm
4. Are you Buying or Hiring?
Ramp Width

Unassisted Wheelchair Access


Ideal Length
ft (m) Ramp
Restricted Space
ft (m) Ramp
Severely Restricted
ft (m) Ramp
Add or Remove Accessories


Support Stands


Positive Lock Pins

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