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Wheelchair Ramps

How do I find out what type of ramp I need?

Welcome to Roll-a-Ramp, we are the UK’s leading supplier of wheelchair ramps. We offer solutions to all your access problems; however, choosing the best option can seem confusing.

Folding Ramps

If you are looking to negotiate a short rise of just one or two steps, then our folding ramps will be ideal. They come in sizes from 2-6 foot and simply fold in half. They are easy to carry and quick to deploy. No fixings are necessary, simply place the ramp on the top step and you are ready to go. Folding ramps are not suitable for thresholds because they will act like a see-saw. They also are not suitable for high rises because they will be too steep and dangerous to use.


Our Roll-a-Ramp is ideal for situations where folding ramps are not suitable. They are specially designed to curve over thresholds. Roll-a-Ramp is modular and can be built to any length you require, so it is perfect for even the highest of rises. The ramp simply rolls up for easy storage and most sizes can fit in a car boot. For very long ramps, roll-a-ramp can easily be split into manageable sections. All our ramps are ideal for wheelchairs, scooters and even walking.

Roll-a-Ramp is the ultimate portable ramp system which has totally revolutionised the disability access and the wheelchair ramp market. Its unique simplicity and load-bearing strength allows it to adapt to countless ramp access applications. Whilst all other wheelchair ramps are of a static size, only Roll-a-Ramps can be shortened or lengthened to fit different disability applications.

Use our length calculator below to find out the length you need.

So What Size do I Need?
1. What is the total rise you need to climb?
2. What will the Ramp be used for?
Manual Wheelchair / General Access
Electric Wheelchair / Mobility Scooter
3. Choose the Width of your Ramp
26 inches / 66cm
30 inches / 76cm
36 inches / 91cm
4. Are you Buying or Hiring?
Ramp Width

Unassisted Wheelchair Access


Ideal Length
ft (m) Ramp
Restricted Space
ft (m) Ramp
Severely Restricted
ft (m) Ramp
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